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Imagine Reality. Realize Imagination.

Not black and white but where the colors are
My Life In a Nutshell.

title or description

He knows what I mean. ^_^

Umm... yeah. There you go.

acting, aim, amusement parks, animal crossing, art, audio adrenaline, autumn, baking, beaches, beauty, bible, blue, button noses, calendars, candy canes, cedar point, charlie brown, christianity, clouds, coldplay, computers, cookies, cream of wheat, creativity, creeks, crutons, csi, dave matthews band, daydreams, dc talk, degrassi junior high, disney world, dispatch, doodling, drama, dreams, drums, dry-erase markers, duct-tape, empathy, enjoyment, etc., eternity, family, fingers, fleetwood mac, fluff, fortune cookies, frappichinos, french, friends, fuzzy pink slippers, fuzzy things, green, gummi bears, guster, hats, huggles, hugs, humor, imagination, instant messenger, ireland, jesus, jokes, journaling, laughter, law and order, long walks, loofahs, love, luff, massages, mittens, monkees, movies, music, musicals, nature, newsboys, nilla wafers, oatmeal, obsessions, oceans, orange, painting, pampering, paris, peppermint patty, photographs, photography, photos, pink, pinkies, poetry, ponds, potatos, powder, prayer, rainbows, ramen noodles, random items, reading, red, relient k, ren and stimpy, rivers, robins, roller coaster tycoon, scarves, scrapbooking, shiny pennies, simon and garfunkel, singing, sleigh rides, slippers, snail mail, snickers, snoopy, snoopy & woodstock, snow, sour patch kids, sporks, staying up late, stories, strawberry shakes, streams, string, striped socks, sunglasses, sunrises, sunsets, superchic[k], switchfoot, teddy bears, the association, the barenaked ladies, the beatles, the goo goo dolls, toes, traveling, true love, vanilla shakes, video cameras, water, waterfalls, weezer, writing, yellow, youth group